September 17, 2012

Thinking Cap

My oldest son just started kindergarten and really loves it. Everyday he tells me that everything is so much fun but when I ask him what he actually did he says he can’t remember. At least I’m getting a positive reaction! Although he likes it he is still trying to figure the whole thing out – I think!


I vividly remember my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Wilson, reminding us to put on our ‘thinking caps’ if we couldn’t remember something. I thought I might try the same tactic on my son so one day when he said he couldn’t remember what he did I said, “You should put on your ‘thinking cap’ and maybe you will remember!”

I didn’t exactly get the response that I was hoping for…..he very effectively stated the obvious and said, “I don’t have one Mommy.”

And so the thinking cap project began. There are so many ideas for caps but this thinking cap has a working light on the top for an extra great effect!

To see the complete instructions for this thinking cap visit my member page at:

September 6, 2012

Antiqued Wooden Snake Toys

This idea started when I took my boys to a show called 'Snakes Alive' where they had a blast learning about reptiles (mainly snakes and alligators) and even got to hold and touch them! Tom Kessenich the herpetologist was so fun and so good with all the kids! The show was great and I highly recommend it to anyone who has kids that love reptiles!

My older son has always been fascinated by snakes, other reptiles and anything creepy crawly! My younger son likes that stuff too but he isn't as much into it as my older son.

Anyway, they had a wooden snake toy there for the kids to play with and both my boys had a hard time putting it down when it was time to leave. It was solid unstained and unpainted wood but slithered, moved, had a tongue and looked antiqued! I looked at it and thought we should just try and make a few instead of hunting for hours trying to find two to buy.

The snake they played with looked weathered/antiqued. Whether it was like that from the start or like that from hours of play I don't know but I liked the look so we tried to replicate it in a painted version!

You can find the instructions on how to make your very own snake HERE on Instructables.