February 28, 2012

Gumball Machine Fish Tank

I posted this gumball machine fish tank on Instructables a little over a week ago and have created much controversy over keeping a goldfish in a small tank. I did my homework (before making this) on caring for a goldfish and was told by the pet store I purchased the goldfish from that my little fish would be fine in this tank for about 6 months (maybe longer) before needing to be moved to a new home.

I am in no way in the fish killing business (as many have implied) and have decided that this is a suitable tank/bowl for my size of goldfish. I do have to keep it very clean and was also informed to not feed the fish two non-consecutive days out of the week to keep its intestines flowing smoothly. The fish seems to be very happy and lively. So, please do your homework before choosing something similar to house a goldfish in unless you want a lot of flack!

With that said here is my new fishtank and my adorable new fish!


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    1. Thanks! My little fish will eventually need to be moved to a larger home but he is very happy here for now.