April 8, 2013

Despicable Me - Minion Cake

I can't believe my son is SIX years old. He is in love with the minions from Despicable Me! I think they are adorable and thought it was a great idea to make him the cake of cakes! We are anxiously awaiting Despicable Me 2!!!

cake of cakes

My son was very clear that he needed six minions on his cake of cakes since he was turning six! They were so fun to make and the end product was fun too! It was a dark chocolate fudge layer cake so it was delicious too!

If you have ever read about my cakes before you will know that I refuse (unless someone requests) to cover a cake in fondant. I think it tastes horrible (yes, even marshmallow fondant) and when you go to peel it off so the cake can actually be eaten all the frosting comes too. Very disappointing, especially for kids, so I use buttercream and smooth it the best I can. It makes the cake even more delicious. With that said, I do, however, love to make characters and decorations with fondant!

cake of cakescake of cakescake of cakes
cake of cakescake of cakescake of cakes

Minions are so basic they are really easy to create with fondant. They are just an egg shape with some britches and some eyes! There are so many fondant tools and gadgets that are supposed to make creating fondant decorations easier. You certainly don't need them for making minions. I used only my hands and a toothpick!


  1. I had a go at making your cake as saying no to an 8 year old is very hard Xx the minions turned out really good.I made it slightly different but mostly coz it took me 9 hours to make 8 minions....... Lol. Your cake is Fab and I had sooooooo much fun trying to make it. Xxx

  2. Hi, I love your cake! Could you tell me how you attached the moon to the back of the cake? Thanks!

  3. Hi Steve - I stretched the fondant over card stock and put it on a skewer and stuck it in the cake toward the back. I'm glad you like the cake and hope you make one!

  4. Great, thanks so much! That's a good idea. My son's birthday is this week and I'm going to attempt to make the same cake. Another question, could you tell me the size of cakes you used? The bottom looks like a 9x13, but it's pretty thick. Did you bake two and stack them? Thanks again!

    1. The bottom cake is a 9x9 stacked two high. The top tier is one 9x9 cake cut in half and stacked. I hope this helps. I would love to see a picture when you are done and happy birthday to your son!