September 8, 2014

Thermies Make Excellent Stocking Stuffers - Now on Etsy!

My husband and I recently opened an Etsy shop. We both have a genuine love and appreciation for handmade items, crafts and gifts and since he is a designer and I love to sew we teamed up to create a line of uniquely designed, rice filled heat packs to keep feet warm and cozy on cold nights. They are called THERMIES! Shout it to all of your friends then rush over to Etsy to buy some!

We currently have the following categories of Thermies:

If you are searching for the perfect stocking stuffer or unique gift for a friend, family member, relative, child or co-worker, Thermies would be a great inexpensive choice. Regular sized Thermies are only $6.00 each and can be personalized for a truly special gift.

Photos are a sampling of some of the Thermies we offer but you can see the full line at We hope you stop by!

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