February 25, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Felt Play Board

Felt play boards are a great way to keep a child entertained while traveling. They are light weight, cheap to make and easy to pack. Perfect for a long car ride or flying on an airplane.

You will need the following items:
-two pieces of pre-cut felt
-one piece of cardboard or chip board
-child's favorite sticker - My boys love The Clone Wars so I chose Clone Wars stickers.
-glue stick

1. Glue one piece of felt onto the cardboard with a glue stick. 
2. If the cardboard and the felt are not the same size trim the edges.
3. Stick all of the stickers on the second piece of felt.
4. Carefully cut around the stickers leaving a thin border around the edges.
5. Put all of the cut out stickers on the first piece of felt.
6. Give to your child and let their imagination run wild!

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