March 12, 2012

Lego Ninjago Spinners

My boys are crazy about Lego Ninjago. What isn't there to love? There are good guys, bad guys, ninjas, snakes, skeletons and weapons! The skeletons are a bit unattractive to look at, in my opinion, but I'm also not a boy. Who am I to judge?!

It all started with the iPad app Lego Ninjago Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt. I installed the app and almost immediately deleted it. Seriously, all you do is spin around (by tapping on the screen) trying to break another character apart. Seemed pretty boring but the boys liked it so I left it on the iPad. Then we were shopping and randomly saw the skeleton spinners in a clearance bin. I got each of the boys one and they haven't stopped spinning them since. Every character in our lego collection has been in a Spinjitzu battle at one time or another. We have Kruncha and Wyplash - both skeletons but with a birthday fast approaching I'm sure we will be seeing some more spinners in the house!

Oh yeah, the app does get better. It's called a scavenger hunt for a reason. You can scan barcodes off of lego boxes to unlock new characters to fight and earn coins. You don't have to buy the legos, you just need to scan the code or type in the number. We tried scanning codes at Toys R' Us because they seem to have a good selection of Lego Ninjago sets but they didn't have the ones we needed. Then we found them online and it made things much easier. In all, it's a fun app.

Did I forget to mention there's a Lego Ninjago cartoon on Cartoon Network that elevates the desire to collect unnatural amounts of ninjago 'stuff'? Yep, why not have it all!

Pros - Boys love playing with them, spinners have fallen on tile floors repeatedly without breaking
Cons - Skeleton hands have already broken from changing weapons so often, characters don't stay in spinners when you try to spin them 'extra fast' - as my son puts it

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