March 25, 2012

Sock Monkeys

When someone I know has a baby I usually make something for a gift instead of buying something. It's so much more personal and will be remembered long after the bibs and onesies are outgrown.

When my friend Amanda was having a baby girl and wanted me to make a sock monkey I cringed. I have always been turned off by the traditional red heel sock monkeys. They seem a bit scary to me but when I saw some modernized versions online I knew it could be cute. And cute they are!

I followed this pattern and found it to be an easy project. I got fun striped socks from the discounted bin at Target. You will definitely look at socks differently at the store if you have a sock monkey to make!

I didn't have any cotton stuffing laying around so I stuffed the monkeys with cotton balls. I knew a baby would be chewing on them and I wanted something safe. It worked great and the monkeys still have their shape today!

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